What is the Outlook PST file and its limitations?

PST file stands for Personal storage table, it stores all the users’ data such as Email, Calendar events, Contacts, Tasks and more. It will be created automatically while setting up the Outlook profile as it is profile based file and cannot be opened without a particular profile. The user can create multiple PST files for storing their data. If users have multiple PST files, one of them will be used as the default to store all Outlook items. The more data you have in your Outlook the larger your PST file size will get. PST files can be protected with a password to avoid unauthorized access.

Moreover, PST files are used extensively by home users as well as small organizations. Users make use of ISP to connect to the internet. PST files use of three protocols HTTP, IMAP, and POP3. Every mailbox data stores in it and continuously updated on new message arrival or any deleted or moved. However, Outlook confronted several errors on a regular interval which causes PST file corruption.

Let’s figure out some common errors which lead PST file to the corruption.

Hardware Failure

It includes storage device failure, power failure or any network related failure. The bad sector of hard drive also responsible for such error.  

Software Related Issues

It includes inappropriate data recovery processes and tools, virus attacks, sudden Outlook shutdown, and an incomplete Outlook program. Inappropriate file recovery process also leads to PST file corruption. To fix a corrupted PST file, it is recommended to use proper tools and follow apt recovery processes.

Computer Virus Attacks

PST file may get corrupted due to some malware or virus attacks. Virus attack is the most common error which is faced by almost every users. To deal with it, install licensed anti-virus software to fix corrupt PST file.

Sudden Shutdown Process

The sudden shutdown also leads PST file to the corruption, because it forces the task manager to close the program unexpectedly. The power failure and a rushed computer shut Outlook down without closing it safely.

Types of PST File

PST files are classified into two types ANSI and UNICODE.

  • ANSI (97-2002):- It comes in-built in the older versions of MS Outlook. These type of files are proficient to store the data up to 2 GB. The major disadvantage of these files; it do not support multilingual files. Moreover, due to its limitation, Outlook provides the upgrade option to the users into
  • UNICODE (2003-2016):- The UNICODE is an Outlook PST file format which comes in the latest version of Outlook. It can contain up to 50GB data. But, it can run on the older version of Outlook

Limitation of PST file

PST files become extremely unstable in case of any discrepancy. Though local access to important email data is a perfect idea, corrupt PST files and distant emails can be a major nuisance for users. Moreover, since PST files are stored on users’ local computers, they are hardly backed up. So if the PST data was ever lost from the device, it becomes very difficult to regain access to lost data.

Easiest Solution to Overcome the Limitation of PST file Through Outlook PST repair tool
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  • Recover necessary data such as emails, notes, journals calendar entries and contacts from the corrupted PST files
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  • Repair PST files of any size
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  • Compatible with every Window version like Window 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  • Creates brand new profiles for an individual to retrieve old PST files data
  • Demo version of this tool is available with advanced features
  • Preview feature before the final step