How to turn your home into an ultimate staycation spot

A staycation does not necessarily mean spending time in a hotel or a resort. In fact, you can enjoy a fantastic staycation in the comfort of your home. Make no mistake of confusing a home staycation with a lazy weekend on the couch. Turn your humble residence into a small heaven for relaxation with only a few days of preparation and planning.

Here are some tips for creating an ultimate staycation at home

   1. Handle chores in advance

Even though a hotel staycation comes with benefits such as room service, you can still enjoy a home staycation with a bit of planning. For instance, you can make a list of the chores to tackle a few days before your staycation begins. Start with the basic chores such as washing linens, dusting, etc.

You shouldn’t ruin your staycation by thinking about undone house chores. For an ultimate staycation, you can set aside some cash for housecleaning services to do the chores on your behalf.

   2. Maximise your comfort

You can add some comfort elements to your home to maximise the staycation relaxation. For instance, you can adjust the lighting to look soft and ambient. This will helps to create a calming environment. Soft lighting in the bedroom and living areas and candles in the master bedroom can change the mood of the space completely.

Apart from the lighting, you can also add soft and plush rugs to boost the comfort level of your home.

   3. Create designated spaces

Reflect on a kind of environment that will help you have maximum relaxation. For example, you can do a makeover on your bathroom to create a calming environment for relaxation. Alternatively, you can designate a quiet corner for meditation or reading. The main reason for the staycation is to relax. Also if your property is located in one of Dubai top tourist area such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbour or Bluewaters Residences Dubai, you can rent out your property for tourists on a staycation to Dubai and earn some extra cash.

   4. Manage meals ahead

Just like the other preparation on your home, you should also plan your meals ahead of time for a quality staycation. Don’t spoil your staycation figuring out menus. Plan your menu early and go out for grocery shopping before the staycation begins. Whether it’s for your own leisure or for receiving a return, turning your home into a staycation spot will never ggo to waster as once you’re done with staycationing, you can use this as an investment and earn by renting out your flat for a few days to tourists.