How to Train your unruly Dog into one that is Obedient

A dog is considered unruly or wild when it does not obey the owner and becomes difficult to manage. Mostly, dogs show such behaviour during their puppyhood since they are still in a learning process.

But if this attitude continues after the age of nine months then you know you’ve got a problem.

The signs are obvious if your dog does not follow the commands, won’t walk properly on a lead, starts barking suddenly, jumps or runs around the house and in some cases, even bites others.

Some people think it is a hyperactivity disorder, but it is very rare among dogs. In most cases, they are just undertrained or do not get enough physical activity.

Let’s look at some of the ways to help make sure the disobedient dog turns into one that is obedient.

Give your Dog a proper Trim

Cleaning your dog and giving them a proper trim keeps him keep calm around the house. This not only helps with the better mood of the animal but you also reap the benefits while grooming the animal.

A good bathing session to start off, and trimming with appropriate dog clippers

Although it is not rocket science, you should take care of a couple of things. Firstly, make sure that there are no external distractions, and secondly, that the dog clippers are sharp enough so they don’t pull on the hair.

Take your Dog out for a Walk

Another thing that massively helps keep the dog calm is taking them out for a walk. Hyperactive dogs have a lot of energy to diffuse and therefore, walking them around the place so they can work out some of their activeness is a good option.

But keep in mind, dogs do not get easily tired so probably you will have to keep them moving for a longer time. If that’s not possible, creating a space for them in the backyard where they can run around is another good alternative. To get the best results, make sure you convert this into a regular habit.

Play a Game

If walking has become boring or tedious, you can help your dog to burn some energy while playing different games. ‘Hide and Seek’ or ‘Fetch It’ can be excellent games for this purpose.

Make your dog sit and then hide in another room. After that call your dog and say ‘Find Me’. Once they find you, give them praise in any way they like and then repeat the process.

The same goes for ‘fetch it’ where you throw a ball or Frisbee in open space and ask the dog to go and fetch it. Once they bring it back, you praise them and then repeat the process.

Find him other Dog Friends

Invite other dogs over or take your pet to the nearest park. If your dog will socialize with others, he is bound to learn good things from them. When he will see others following instructions of their owners, he may follow suit and become obedient.

Similarly, when they play with other dogs and spend time with their own kind, they become calmer.

Use Leashes and Tethers

One of the tried and tested ways to improve the behavior of a dog is the use of leashes and tethers. Because you not only keep the dog close to yourself but also give them dedicated care.

When the animal is leashed it cannot move on its own and stays around you all the time, in this way you can quickly reinforce him for any undesirable attitude.

Likewise, tethering is perfect for puppies who like to mess around and require proper supervision.

Positive Reinforcement Training

An unconventional method to train your dogs for better conduct is to train them for positive things. For example, if your dog stays calm you treat them for behaving properly. In the same way, clicker training is beneficial.

This is a technique, in which a sound is produced to tell the dog they have done something right or shown manners. While doing so, the dogs actually anticipate the sound and stay calm for a longer time. Both of these methods can be used simultaneously and have their own benefits.

In summary, from dog clippers to dog clickers there are many ways to ensure that your pet becomes more obedient. Remember, this will be a slow and gradual process which requires a lot of patience and a suitable environment.

Be consistent with everything and it will help create good habits in your dog and with every passing day, improvements will be obvious.