How to Control Alcohol Intake

Alcohol Intake

There has been a lot of information published over the years on the health consequences of alcohol consumption. It seems like every few years the research changes on how good or bad a glass of wine after dinner is for you. One thing most people can agree on, however, is that drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health. Depending on what type of alcohol you’re drinking, too much alcohol can either be destructive to your diet or your life in general. If you’ve got legitimate problems with drinking, whether you have alcoholism in your family or you have no other outlet for relieving stress, then controlling alcohol intake is a must. Additionally, if you’re trying to improve your health by limiting your calorie intake, then limiting how many beers you have during the week is a good place to start.

For some people, drinking is part of their life. It’s the way they unwind after a hard day at work, and it’s what they do when they get together with friends. Stopping all of a sudden because you want to drop a few or get better sleep can be a big challenge. There are things you can do to make lowering your alcohol intake easier and improve your health. Here are some easy tips you can use to control alcohol intake.

Set a Daily Limit

Put a cap on how much you want to drink. When you don’t set parameters, it’s harder to actually lower your alcohol intake. You need to measure how much you’re drinking so you can know which direction you’re moving in. You don’t have to drop all the alcohol cold turkey. Start moving down the amount of alcohol you drink bit by bit. If you’re used to drinking three beers every night, start drinking two and then eventually move down to one.

One side effect of limiting your drinks is that you’ll savor them more when you have them. You won’t drink them as fast either, which will also naturally reduce the number of calories you’re drinking per week.

Give Yourself a Hard Bedtime

It’s easy to keep pouring another one while you’re sitting on the couch late at night watching the game or playing Xbox. If you’re having a hard time controlling alcohol intake, setting a strict bedtime for yourself will keep you disciplined. You’ll also feel better because you’re getting more high-quality sleep at night. You’ll have better energy throughout the day which will make you more inclined to engage in active things like exercise instead of sitting around drinking.

Drink More Water

Tell yourself that for every alcoholic drink you have that you must drink a bottle or two of water. Drinking more water will fill you up faster and you’ll be less inclined to keep drinking alcohol. Increasing your water intake will also help you in several ways. It’s better for your skin, it’s great for your metabolism, and it will make you feel full faster, so you’ll eat and drink less. For people trying to lose weight, drinking a gallon of water every day is a huge part of successful weight loss.

Looking Into the Advantages of Peptides

There has been some exciting research around peptides that has been done on mice related to decreasing alcohol consumption. A certain peptide, Melanotan 2 was shown in tests done on mice to increase impulse control in the mice brain receptors. The tests showed that, even in mice that preferred alcohol over water, Melanotan 2 resulted in the mice drinking more water than previously. This research offers an exciting insight into what Melanotan 2 and other peptides can do to fight alcoholic tendencies.

Controlling alcohol intake is about doing what works for you. Your health should be a constant experiment in which you try new things and stick with what works. Creating routines has been a huge help for people who want to drink less alcohol and stay healthy over time. Drinking more water, putting a strict limit on your drinks, sleeping more, exercising, and finding nutritional supplements and even medicines that work can deliver the results you want. For most people, finding the right balance of drinking and health is key to a happier, healthier life!