How can you Boost Libido

How can you Boost Libido

Are you looking for better ways to stay on your sex game? As people age, or as they encounter certain medical conditions, libido suffers and can negatively impact your sex life. Some people have a very hard time dealing with sexual performance challenges. Sexual intimacy, along with financial issues, is a leading cause of relationship strife. If you feel like your libido needs help, there are natural and medical things you can do to see real change. Here are some things you can do to boost libido and get back on track. 


It’s a well-known fact that carrying extra weight negatively impacts libido. If you’ve found yourself gaining weight in recent months or years, you’re likely to have a harder time stoking feelings of desire. Thankfully, with some effort and accountability, that can be reversed. Many people report increased libido after losing meaningful amounts of weight. Your hormones are in better balance and your overall mood and confidence levels will be better. 

Start your weight loss journey from a realistic place. Don’t try to run ten miles if you’re not in the habit of taking regular walks. Build a strong foundation and grow from there. You’ll feel better about seeing results slowly over time instead of looking for fast results and quitting a diet or exercise routine when things get tough. 

Get Playful

If you’re in a monogamous relationship, odds are you’ll run into a sexual rut at some point. When that happens, it’s time to mix things up to keep your libido strong. Many couples boost their libidos by buying sex toys, exploring things like role-playing, and buying each other sexual gifts that are fun to use in the bedrooms. You’ll be more excited about the different flavors of sex now on the menu and will likely see a spike in your libido as a result. 

Peptides and Boosting the Libido

Clinical research into the use of peptides and their relation to libido enhancement is getting a lot of attention. One peptide, in particular, PT-141, is often referred to as the “female Viagra”. In clinical tests done on rodents, the rodents that were given PT-141 exhibited a greater interest in sex and a higher occurrence of sex than the rodents without. The results offer exciting insight into wider use cases in the future. 

Talk to a Doctor

If you are experiencing a significant drop in your libido, there could be some medical issues that require real expertise to resolve. Some many medications and doctors specialize in helping people with relationship intimacy and sexual performance. These days, it’s possible to meet virtually with a doctor who can help you diagnose what’s wrong and develop a plan to increase your sexual desire. Medications can be shipped to your home to make things easy and discreet for you. 

If you think a medical issue is standing in your libido’s way, do a quick online search to find doctors who can help. Read some reviews to learn about the experience of others and gain insight into what sort of results they were able to accomplish. 

Set the Mood

Sex is about more than just the act. As you get older or the longer you are with your one partner, it can get harder to turn things on like a light switch. To keep your libido going, take some time to set the mood before you have sex. Sometimes older engines take a while to warm up. Extend the amount of foreplay you engage in with your partner. Start with a nice dinner or some other romantic gesture. Spend some time during the day thinking about having sex with them and building desire internally. Once you’re primed a bit more, performance will come more naturally. 

Get Your Diet Right

What you eat also affects your libido. If you’re eating a lot of junk food, it will affect your desire levels and impact sexual performance. Stay away from a lot of foods that are high in sugar or heavy in carbohydrates. Eat more leafy greens and up your protein intake. Watching your diet will help you feel more confident in bed and you’ll notice a difference in how you perform in intimate situations with your partner.