Five Inexpensive Ways Of Celebrating Your Company’s Anniversary

Your company’s anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on all the things you and your team have accomplished and also an opportunity to look forward to what the future has in store for you all.

Of course, anniversaries are also a reason to celebrate your accomplishments. But when your company hits its next milestone birthday, do not settle on a standard company-wide email and lunch, but instead, come up with something far more creative. If the budget permits, you can take your team out for a corporate activity day.

For instance, if your employees are Formula One fans, you can arrange activities that solely revolve around the F1 racing events.

There are many event companies that help to organize F1-themed corporate events that include individual races as well as team events such as the pit-stop-challenge.

Depending on the number of people and the kind of package you buy, you and your team will be put through multiple challenges and competitions that are purely based on Formula One racing.

However, if you are on a tight budget, we can still certainly help you out. Here are five inexpensive ways in which you can celebrate your company’s anniversary.

1: Show Thanks

There is obviously a long list of family, friends, clients and employees that have been a part of your journey. Your company’s anniversary is an excellent opportunity for showing appreciation to these people and complimenting on their years’ of quality work.

Additionally, you can throw a special party and send them personalised gifts, as a way of showing how grateful you are to them.

Be creative with your gift ideas and party invitees. In case you want to plan something unique, you can organise the event in such a manner that it highlights your company’s core values.

2: Chart a New Path for Growth

If you properly plan, your company’s anniversary can be a favourable time for demonstrating its growth and success by expanding your services, hiring new people or even by establishing a new office.

But remember, it is wise and advisable to make these decisions well in advance. So, try to plan ahead of time and unveil the news on the anniversary.

In the process, chances are that you are most likely to capture the attention of media outlets and other external audiences who will be in an awe of your achievements.

Every company celebrates its anniversary, but there are very few who go beyond the celebration. Aligning major company-level changes with its anniversary makes it even more special and noteworthy.

3: Share Your Story

Here is your chance to reflect on all the things you have accomplished in the past year and that is your story. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that this story lives somewhere. It can either be live on your company’s website or social media channels. In case you have done this before, consider portraying it in a new way.

For instance, you can engage your audience by means of a video and create content that can be repurposed for your website, social media and other channels.

Additionally, you can also share your knowledge and experience over the past years with your audiences. This can be done through white paper, infographic, brochures or even videos.

4: Celebrate Your Community

Allow your success to benefit others. Gift your time to a cause that is very close to your company’s core values.

For instance, if you specialise in the environmental sector, consider cleaning up the nearest beach or a local park. If you are specialising in education, you start a scholarship fund.

Alternatively, you can pick a charity of your choice and donate money to it. Many big enterprises usually support a cause, but if you do not, it is never too late to choose a charity that everyone in your company can support and get behind.

5: Update Your Look

Think about the overall look of your company. From its website to the official logo and office documents.

Do you think that they still adequately represent your brand? If not, then you might have to make considerable changes.

Think of it as an evolutionary process. Even well-established companies tend to update their designs over a period of time. Simply changing the colour scheme of your brand can give it a much-needed makeover.