Common Reasons for Bicycle Accidents

Many people prefer riding bicycles. Along with it being an easy mode of transportation, it helps to keep you fit and healthy. However, the bicycle crash tends to cause more injuries. It is essential for the cyclist to ride safely. It is the responsibility of the drivers’ to be alert and respect the people on bikes. Cyclists also have the same rights as the individuals driving cars or trucks.

Causes of Accidents

In comparison to the persons driving a car or truck, the person riding a bicycle is more physically vulnerable. A careless act by people in a car or truck is dangerous for the cyclist. Here is a list of causes of bicycle accidents:

  • Left-Turns

It is also known as a “left-hook”. While making a U-turn or left-turn motorists might fail to look around properly. In case any person is riding a bicycle nearby, the vehicle can sideswipe or broadside them as they have less or no time to react. Because bicyclists are vulnerable around cars, such kinds of collisions can lead to catastrophic injury or even death. 

  • Parking Lot, Crosswalk, Driveway, or Sidewalk Collisions

Drivers of motor vehicles might enter or leave the driveway or parking lot carelessly. Failure to check their surroundings could mean coming in the path of bike riders. Generally, the bicyclers are permitted in several areas beside the roads thus it is the driver’s responsibility to check for bikes.

Mistakenly, many drivers think that bicyclists need to ride in the same direction as motor vehicles. However, in some situations, the bicyclists can ride in a different direction than vehicular traffic. This is the reason that drivers of motor vehicles need to look in every direction while driving in places such as a driveway, parking lot, crosswalk, or sidewalk.


  • Opening the Door of Vehicle Without Looking


In order to avoid the hazards, the bicyclists have the right to move away from the road’s right side or out of the bike lane. In case any person opens the door of the car without checking for the approaching bikes, this move can strike the bicyclist or put her/him in danger. This collision is known as “dooring”. 

No person is allowed to open the vehicle’s door on the side available to moving traffic unless it is safe to do so. This can be done without interfering movement of traffic and no person can leave the door open for a time longer than necessary to unload or load passengers. Moreover, the responsibility of motorists does not end when the vehicle is at a complete stop. To prevent the collision, looking for people on bicycles is essential.


  • Overtaking


While overtaking and passing a bicycle moving the same direction on the highway, motorists need to ensure safe distance. It is advised to consider the speed as well as the size of the vehicle and bicycle, weather, visibility, width, and the surface of highway and traffic conditions. Moreover, motorists need to provide a distance of three feet while passing or overtaking bicyclists.

Even if you are riding a bicycle perfectly, one careless move by motorists can injure you seriously. In case you or your friend is hurt in a bicycle accident, it is beneficial to consult a bicycle accident lawyer. You would get legal help and learn about bicycle injuries here.