Allinda Wines from Yarra Valley

Located in the Yarra Valley, Allinda Winery was founded by Al and Linda Fencaros in 1990. Al comes from a family of winemakers, it’s in his blood. His grandparents started wine production in Hungary and then in Yugoslavia. It was his father who continued the family tradition of winemaking after he moved to Australia in the early 1960s. It seems Al diverted from family tradition for a while and graduated from Melbourne University in applied chemistry. But got his second degree in wine science from Charles Sturt University. He started working at local wineries to gain experience and then founded his own vineyard.

Allinda Wines Mantra

Allinda wines are handcrafted strictly producing 30,000 bottles of each variety. The secret to producing world-class wines lies in their philosophy that they have been following ever since its commencement – a healthy balance between art and science. They keep adapting European practices as per the suitability of the Australian climate.

Biological Practices

Another key factor that plays a significant role in their winemaking and one that sets them apart from other wineries is the use of biological practices. All kinds of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides are prohibited, instead, organic fertilizers like compost teas, seaweed extract and fish oil are used to eliminate the unwanted organisms and nurture various other soil organisms which supplements the soil and fruit quality. Allinda wines takes pride in using biological practices which are based on the principles of Dr. Elaine Ingham, an expert in soil biology.

Yarra Valley

It’s just one hour drive from Melbourne and has a long history of wine growing that dates back 170 years. The first vines were planted in 1838 and the viticulture has grown tremendously since then, making it one of the leading wine regions in Australia. Its cool climate and soil are the key factors that make this valley suitable for making a variety of wines. The soil in the northern side are clay loam or grey loamy sand and in the southern side, the soil is red volcanic soil which is believed to be very fertile. The valley produces some of the premium wines like Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you are looking for premium wines which are produced with organic methods then we suggest Allinda wines is the perfect destination to get it from. Their wines include Cabernets ( a blend of four grape variety), Riesling and Chardonnay.