6 Advantages of Using Swift for iOS App Development

Swift is a fantastic way, means language to develop a software or application for desktops or phones. In 2014 Apple Inc. developed a general-purpose, multi-paradigm compiled language for iOS to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks.

In 2014, lots of confusion had arisen in iOS application development. At that time, Apple Inc. was using Objective C for iOS application development for many years. And Objective-C proved itself as a stable development language at that time but Swift provides a lot of benefits and a more modern way of coding. 

So, Today we are here to discuss the advantages of using Swift for iOS application development: 

  1. Enhanced Facilities: 

Apart from that, previously Apple Inc. used Objective-C for iOS application development. And there are lots of limitations in the Objective-C platform. In Swift, Apple Inc. removed those limitations and include new technologies to make it faster and cope up with the new demands from the consumer or end-user side.

Apart from that, Swift has developed especially to work with Cocoa and Cocoa touch framework and for all Apple platforms. And as like Objective-C, there is no API legacy in Swift. So for this right now Swift became the dominant programming language for iOS application development. 

  1. Open Source:

Swift is an open-source programming language and it can help a developer to get source codes to develop an iOS application. 

  • is the well known Swift community.
  • is the source code pool for Swift.
  • It supports all Apple platforms, as well as Linux also.

It’s an advantage Swift is an Open Source platform because, from the community, we can get the valuable guidelines, from Github we can get the source code for developing an iOS application as well as from core library we can get the collection of frameworks which provides us the high functionality to develop an application.

Being open-source, Swift can run various platforms of Mac and a developer can build an application for OS X, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. And as well as it can run on a Linux platform also. 

  1. Safe and Readable:

From the initial stage to the present, Apple always maintains one thing very carefully. And that is security. Apple.Inc has always tried to develop user-friendly and secure applications. So, there are lots of facilities like you know, Swift always provides safeguards. And for this, the developers can prevent errors and can able to improve readability. And it is an advantage for all developers that Swift is readable by Java, JavaScript, C#, and Python also. As well as Swift has an organized syntax, by which anyone can write a clean and compatible source code.

  1. Less code to write:

It’s a compact language with a scope of high reusability factor. Swift is that type of programming language which provides the most simpler way to construct a code and it has another benefit too.  

  • “;” is optional here. Every line of a Swift code always ends with this symbol and can be executed by it.
  • [] is called method calls. And in swift “,” is used to separate the actions inside the parenthesis — ().
  1. Closer to other platforms:

Another great advantage for all developers and programmers. Mainly we know that Swift is only developed for the iOS platform. But being a simple and organized as well as open-source language, Swift is more understandable and reusable for the non-iOS developers also. And it is very crucial to be an Open-source because it always enhances the productivity level. 

  1. Automatic memory management: 

To trap the usage of the application memory, Swift uses the Automatic Reference Counting. ARC is also used to manage the memory usage by eliminating the class instance which is no longer needed.

So, according to these points, we can assume that right now Swift has become the ongoing focus of Apple. With faster builds, efficient language, binary compatibility Swift has become the more advanced and effective language for iOS development at this time. And it is very beneficial to use swift for iOS application development.